Summary of non-native plant species that have become established in the Cockpit Country region of Jamaica


 Brachiaria decumbens  Brachiaria  Grass Hillsides and cockpit bottoms
 Bambusa vulgaris  Bamboo Grass  Cockpit bottoms
 Haematoxylum campechianum  Logwood Tree  Hillsides and cockpit bottoms in drier areas
 Adenenanthera pavonina  Red Bead Tree  Hillsides, tops and cockpit bottoms
 Syzygium jambos Rose Apple Tree  Woods and gullies islandwide
 Moghania strobilifera Wild Hops, Shrub  Clearings
 Nephrolepis multiflora  Fern  Clearings
 Dichranopteris sp.  Fern  Clearings
 Thelypteris opulenta  Sword Fern, Fern  Clearings
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